ICMFalk Foundation


About ICMFalk Foundation

The ICM Falk Foundation is a private, US-based, family foundation with a strong legacy of supporting innovation, leadership, and entrepreneurship. ICM Falk’s vision is to create a world free from waste and pollution by funding, facilitating, and fostering circular ideas for a sustainable future.



ICM Falk Foundation needed to redesign their website because customer segments did not align with their website design. Their previous website was designed for Gen-Z and younger generations – however their donations audiences were much older. They needed a website that spoke to these donors and helped them to find a path to donate – which this path involved creating a resource hub, a knowledge base on climate change content for South East Asia.


Our Approach

Information collected from ICM revealed that the users of the website are mostly highly-educated and professional. We chose the dark green color from the brand guidbook to be the background. The brand colors are used in hamorny across the site.



We delivered a donor centered website that allows for easy publishing of content that is sortable and searchable. The backend WordPress CMS is customized for easy update and publishing content for such an organization like ICM Falk Foundation.

The new website is more professional, organized and branded. It is also easier to use and manage. The client can create posts and display them in different places such as Knowledge Hub, Blog or Project pages. On page SEO is optimized. Google page speed score is over 90.

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