About Funingpu

Funingpu is the biggest gelatin and collagen production company in China. They have a huge $600 milion worth cGMP factory. Their products can be applied in different industries such as food, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and technical. While their factory and process was state of the art and followed a global standard, their website did not. The website was a turnoff for foreign customers because it had the Chinese look and feel.

Goals and challenges

The company wants to expand their business to global market so they want to redesign the website to have a more international and scientific look. The biggest challenge is the company does’t have a strong brand compare to its international competitors. The logo is old fashioned and the corporate colors are quite dull. The new website needs to communicate this is an international, global and process driven company.


Our Approach

We adapt the minimalism and scientific style for the website. We chose the scientific blue as the main color to make the look balanced with the company’s dull red and green. Fullpage effect is applied to the website so that each message will be displayed when the user scroll down.



The new website utilizes a simple modern look with clean transitions and animations to cater to a more diverse global audience. The information is structured from simple, straightforward to more insightful. Because the website also needed to inspire mainland Chinese people too, therefore we had to do extra work to overcome the Chinese firewall.

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