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About Data Society

Data Society delivers data science training programs and AI/ML solutions that transform the way enterprises operate. Recognized by Forbes as a Top Ten EdTech company, our award-winning training, built on real-world use cases, maximizes workforce development and ROI.


The client’s business has been growing extraordinarily recently as the need for AI is growing. Their’s customers are big enterprises and governments. But their brand is not reflecting their unprecedented growth. Even though the client has undergone many website redesigns, they still haven’t received any lead coming from their website in the last 7 years. Align has partnered with an American agency to rebrand and redesign their website.

The impact

The new website’s design has reflected Data Society’s new brand strategy. The content flow and the graphic elements have worked together hamorniously to tell the story in a way that their audiences perceive Data Society as the leader in data science training.

“Previously, people would call us after looking at our website and ask us to explain what we did. On top of that, we’d never had a lead on our website in seven years. By contrast, we’ve received 13 leads from it last week. In other words, our ability to tell our story clearly has truly improved.”

A thoughtful insight page

Data Society’s leaders decided that SEO is very important to bring traffic to the website and building online authority for the domain. The insight page must be well organized and designed to make the audience feel comfortable while reading the content. A filter is built to help the audience filter the category that they want to read. When the audience find useful informatin, they’ll keep reading which help increase the rank of the domain in the search engine.

Real-world Impact Case Studies

Case study is a place to show how Data Society is making real impact on the world. Each service appear in the website has a case study to demonstrate how it is applied in the real world. You doesn’t want to leave but can’t help keep reading their intesting stories.


Ongoing support

We offer our client free support for at least 3 months after the project is done. We help them to speed up and maintain the website. Prepared intuitive back-end environment that help their editor make the blog posts comfortably. Many months later, we still look after their website to make sure it’s backed up and technically healthy, for free.

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