UI/UX Showcase


UI/UX Showcase

We’ve worked with an extensive array of clients over multiple industries to design and refine core user experiences and user interfaces across websites, platforms, and mobile apps. These a few examples to demonstrate our UI and UX skills.

Digital Strategy

User Experience Research

User Interface Design

User Experience Design

Highlands coffee

Align was able to work with Highlands team, another development agency, and customer’s rewards partners and provide User Experience strategies and User Interface design to help design Highlands new coffee app that focuses on customer’s loyalty and recurring spending

Omni self-checkout

Omni Self-Checkout is a startup located in San Francisco California, USA aiming to disrupt the online payment sector starting with small businesses and farmers markets through QR Code Scanning. Omni Self-Checkout was featured in CES (Consumer Electronic Show) 2018 and had a business model and brand but needed a digital strategy and intuitive UX and simple UI to help launch their app. Align was able to help them Strategize, wireframe, design, and prototype this app so they could get funded.

Breast feed finder

Working with BreastFeedFinder we design and built a custom interface for mothers to search, reserve, and find directions to room for breastfeeding in the United States. The startup initially launches in New York City and San Francisco and plans to expand in the future.
As it is a new service, BFF (BreastFeedFinder) needed to promote their app and educate mothers on how the app works. Align helped the startup to create branding identity and animated video.

Veras Wine

Veras Wine is a startup in Singapore that focused on disrupting the wine industry by targeting millennials by catering to their shopping experiences through branding, price, and subscriptions.
Through our market research we learned that Vietnamese consumers related well with illustration characters. We aim to match each millennial with their specific wine taste. Red is the oldest, White is the sporty middle sister, Rose is the artsy middle child and Spark is the rebellious youngest sister.

iCare Benefits

iCare Benefits focused on helping factory workers purchase high-cost products through monthly zero percent interest. With long term engagement, we created their branding, marketing materials, packaging, and digital interfaces such as their mobile app, and website
Design for mobile first time users: Often time the first interaction with a digital product was with the iCare Benefits mobile app. This was especially important for us to design for this need and pay attention to how to teach them to use the app and mobile phone. We did this though videos and simple in-app tutorials.

FE Credit

Working with FE Credit and their development team we were able to help them launch and video market their new app that focuses on an ecosystem that encompasses all aspects of life from the financial transfer, defer payment, paying for tuitions, traveling, entertainment, and much more.